All About Us

Our Background


Posh Speaker Systems has been serving the diverse needs of the commercial and residential speaker installation market since 1985 with a wide variety of high quality loudspeakers that provide a unique combination of fantastic sound quality, pleasing aesthetics and great build quality that will last a lifetime.    


Posh Speaker Systems has a 9 point patent on a unique baffle, chamber and grille assembly that mounts between either 16 or 24 inch on center ceiling joists. The proprietary drivers that Posh has designed to mount into the assembled acoustic chamber offers a choice in both price and sound quality.

In addition to its' patented ceiling speakers, Posh also manufactures a complete line of commercial and residential chambered in-wall speakers as well as UL 1480 certified P-1 & P-2 indoor/outdoor speakers. The Solutions Series models 4.0, 5.0 & 6.0 are UL certified plenum rated retrofit ceiling speakers that maintain the high fidelity standards that Posh is famous for.      


Posh Speakers and Posh speaker installations have been featured in several custom and commercial installation magazines over the years. Many well-known Hollywood stars and entertainers have chosen Posh Speakers for their home sound systems.

The number of commercial installations using Posh Speakers reads like a Who's Who list of America's top retailers and restaurateurs.